Meet Othello Grey, the emerging photographer taking over Toronto

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[T]he Weeknd…Drake…Daniel Caesar: Canada is being envied as a music utopia right now. Rising photographer and creative director, Othello Grey, is part of a new generation of Toronto-bred scene-sters taking over the underground fashion world. The rising talent, whose worked on editorial projects with the likes of Vogue to SSENSE, is interested in capturing darker moments in a cinematic way.

“LIQUID MOON” for @havenshop

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“My stories are usually quite off-centre and eerie. It has this level of angst to it,” Grey says, speaking exclusively to Hunger on the set of Moose Knuckles’ Fall ’18 campaign. “That is kind of personal to my own experiences – I want to communicate that angst through my photos. “


infinite flux

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Co-collaborating with young creatives he’s known “for years” in the culture capital – from design collective Kid.Studio to stylist Bobby Bowen – pushes him professionally. “A lot of us have this underdog mentality,” he explains. “Like a few years ago none of us getting the recognition. But we all had the same approach, like it doesn’t matter what people on the outside think – we had this set goal in our mind to keep pressing forward.”

shapeshifting overseas, trying to find myself

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A self-taught photographer himself (he dropped out of college after one term), the rise of social media has been a huge boost in terms of booking jobs and building a 47k following. Creating a level of distance is key though.

“It’s a great platform when you use it to your advantage and not get sucked in to the validation factor,” he says. “If you can get over that and use it as more of a portfolio platform – that’s one of the biggest benefits of it. It puts all the power into your own hands.”

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