Mermaid sequins, sci-fi and Snapchat filters for Balmain AW18

High-wattage sexuality.

[A]utumn / Winter ’18 in a nutshell so far? Make it metallic or go home. Iridescent outerwear, futuristic footwear and holographic-injections in abundance is hot on fashion’s pulse. Balmain’s army today in Paris showcased a new spin on the sci-fi look for the Instagram-generation, with a high-wattage display that was a mesh between Daryl Hannah in Splash meets and astro-pinup Jane Fonda chez Barberella (two words: metallic boilersuit!)

“My team and I have been allowed to draw upon an incredibly inspiring legacy,” Olivier Rousteing said in his show notes. “Today’s singular Balmain silhouette and recognizable style obviously owe much to the traditions and talents of the house that Pierre Balmain built. But, as those familiar with our history already know, M. Balmain was not one who looked backward.”

Olivier Rousteing’s mission to make the French fashion house relevant for the social media-savvy crowd speaks volumes (a designer who has mastered the celebrity selfie – as his 4.7 million Instagram followers and counting will be familiar with). The Fall ’18 collection featured a mix of social media inspired ensembles, including bedazzling pieces that nod to sparkle with a capital ‘S’ KiraKira filter taking over our feeds to sartorial riffs on the unicorn trend.

The collection was partly inspired by “the world’s first digital accessory” – Rousteing’s newly designed Shapchat filter to make your face sparkle. 80s-influenced blazers, neon brights, logoed tees and casual streetwear also featured, on the slightly more understated runway richter scale. A collection to brighten up your feed? This has got your name all over it.

See every single look from Balmain AW18 in our gallery below…