27 July 2016

Our girls Bree Runway and Siobhan Bell discuss east London, TLC and vintage Chanel

No explanation required.

[B]ree Runway is bringing together designer hooker style, trap-pop and lyrics on Balmain, heartbreak and her mum all in one place. Siobhan Bell, fresh from DJ sets in Miami, at Glastonbury and at Wireless this summer, is providing the soundtrack for the all-girl takeover of the London music scene. We caught up with them both after Bree’s Hunger photoshoot and overheard them talk about vintage Chanel, dream 90s comebacks and what it takes to break into music.

Siobhan Bell: How good is East London?

Bree Runway: Being born in east London is the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s so inspiring for fashion and music – I feel like there’s a lot of greatness here.

Fishnet top by Anne Summers | Jeans by Paige denim | Bra by L'Agent by Agent Provocateur |Socks by Adidas | Shoes by Christian Louboutin
| Scarf worn in hair (throughout)by Louis Vuitton SS17 chapman brothers collection.

SB: How have you seen it develop?

BR: There used to be a lot of negative connotations – I was actually scared to move to where I live now – but now everyone’s into fashion and where the party’s at, shit like that. No one wants to fight anymore, there’s more positivity.

SB: Who are your favourite recording artists right now?

BR: Right now, Lancey Foux and Lady Gaga.

SB: Why Lancey?

BR: He’s just really different, lyrically and with his beat selection he’s set apart from a lot of UK rappers. His looks really different and where he’s trying to artistry is so inspiring. And Lady Gaga because I just love her!

SB: No explanation required!

BR: She needs to want to work with me or else I might cry.

Leather sleeveless jacket by Chloe McDonald | Goggles are Bree's own

SB: You’ve covered a lot of other artists but who’s been your favourite?

BR: Bryson Tiller – I don’t really listen to him but he’s so easy to mix in with what’s current right now because of how good his melodies are. You can go all vocal acrobat on his songs.

SB: Lil Kim’s just announced a comeback but which 90s act would you like to see make a come back?

BR: Probably TLC – if Left Eye was alive – that would be amazing. Their look was just so hot, it’s what a lot of girls try to do now. They were the originators of that sports-luxury look.

SB: I’d definitely want Aaliyah…

BR: Oh hell yeah!

SB: She was just so effortless and stylish.

BR: Don’t you think TLC is like Aaliyah as a group?

SB: Yeah, that tomboy but sexy look. What would your tips to people be trying to break into the music business?

BR: If you’re trying to be real superstar in this, not just have a buzz, then create your own wave. Don’t follow what’s already out there. Second, don’t be afraid to be you. A lot people like to soak up other things around them, looking at what’s worked for other people. And be consistent. That’s me speaking to myself! Bring quality but be consistent.

Leather skirt by Dsquared | Bra by Bordelle | Mesh T-shirt by Unconditional | Fishnet tights by Mytights.com | Boots by Doc Martens

SB: There’s so much talent out there right now, you’re right I totally agree, you’ve got to be consistent. What are you obsessed with following or doing online? For example, I wasn’t much of make-up person but I love those Youtube tutorials!

BR: I’m actually really obsessed with finding vintage Chanel things and vintage Hermes things.

You do a lot of videos yourself, do you think that’s helped you and would you recommend other people use it?

Well there’s so much to listen to these days, so many links to things, you can easily scroll past stuff but when something is there that you can physically see – how they dress, if you find them attractive – they’re more inclined to click and watch. Just a link to something, unless someone knows you, won’t get listened to. Like you, you’re a popping DJ so people know you and they know if you put a mix out it’s going to be good. But for people just starting, give them visuals and let them see your personality.

Leather Coat By Chloe McDonald |Basque by Bordelle | Jeans by Paige denim| Shoes by Christian Louboutin

I do find that with DJing as well, people want to see what I’m doing.

Well, look at you for starters – your hair’s cool, you dress cool, I’ve seen you DJ many times and you’re cool when you’re DJing! That’s the things people want to see.

Yeah, when I started out I used to just rock up in a tracksuit but I realised you have to have a visual brand.

All the people who follow you do it because they’re inspired by you – you need to look like their inspiration.

Jacket by Diesel Menswear | Dress by C/MEO Collective | Boots by LORIBLU Italy | Jeans by Paige Denim

You’re really in to your fashion and you love your Chanel! But how would you describe your image?

Mine is definitely designer hooker! There’ll always be a hint of fetish somewhere in my outfits. Like I might be wearing a pair of Buffalos but with fishnet socks – there’s always a hint of sex.

In the video for Designer Hooker – what inspired the visuals?

I wanted her to be brought to life in a classy but raunchy way. If you take the lyrics at face value she just sounds like a little whore! But she’s a tasteful whore! That’s why I put images from Thierry Muegler and vintage Playboy because that all plays into her style – she’s a classy, rich bitch.

Leather Coat By Chloe McDonald