Pixel Future: Step into Eliska Kyselkova’s cyber fantasy universe

AI beauty.

[P]lunge yourself in the futuristic world of Eliška Kyselková in a new exclusive Hunger editorial, aptly titled ‘Pixel Future’.

“Now it feels like your digital self is more important then the reality,” Kyselková explains to us. “Most of us spend the majority of the day checking our phones and laptops and this digital experience will get even more immersive with future developments of augmented and virtual reality. We’ve also seen the creation of robot Sophia by Hanson Robotics in 2015 – [the] first AI with more than 50 facial expressions – and the ability of recognising faces thanks to the computer algorithms. This connection to digital reality and modern progress was a big inspiration for me.”

To get the intended cyber aesthetic, Kyselková shot in darkness on long shutter speed (with the use of flash light, laser machine and laser pointers, no less). The Czech fashion photographer and videographer also tapped set painter Michael Moon to produce sci-fi style paintings on bended mirrors behind models and makeup artist Gregory Kara, who produced out of this world head pieces and scrawling on models faces using 3D pen. Check out the full editorial in our gallery and exclusive behind-the-scenes video below…

Turtleneck STRONGTHE, Top Reconstruct

Bodysuit A.F. Vandevorst, rope Kv.Řezáč, Yellow piece photographer’s own, jewellery Maria Black

Body piece Louis Alderson-Bythell

Body piece Louis Alderson-Bythell

Top Louis Shengtao Chen, Coat XIAOLI


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