10 August 2016

Pop art with a dark heart by ColorOrgy

That's an ice-cold crotchcicle.


[T]he perverse and the innocent meet to form a twisted narrative in Scott Wolf’a (aka Color Orgy’s) pop art pieces.   Based in Phoenix, Arizona – the illustrator and painter blends the aesthetics of traditional values with provocative imagery to deconstruct the American dream.

Finding inspiration from mid-20th century pulp fiction and comic books – Scott’s graphic images mix vibrant hues with equal parts of dark humour, to explore the sinister side of childhood, romance and gender roles in a changing society.

“I exaggerate formal aspects present in our daily lives and create absurd moments that are not part of any familiar narrative thread, but hopefully triggers the viewer to reflect on what lies beneath the colorful surface”

Explore more on the Color Orgy website and Instagram.

Carry Stress In The Jaw



Eat, Drink and Be Married


Ever Since The Accident



Touch and Go (In The Pink)

Hell Hath No Fury