Retro sportswear style reigns at What We Wear

Revival of the fittest.

[W]ith The World Cup ’18 kicking off (sorry) this week, Premier League fashion has reached fever pitch status. For SS19, What We Wear paid close attention to 70s-90s era sportswear; revisiting old school favourites from red, blue and yellow luxe PE kits, tracksuits, shorts and matching shirts, all with a slight formal accent (trench coats and luxe tailoring were weaved into the collection). Inspired not just on the sport and iconic players but the English casuals subculture, the lifestyle around ‘football hooliganism’ and the ideology of uniform.

“This is the season where cultures collide and diversity sweeps along stadium seats and locker room benches,” according to WWW. “With one common goal to win, for the namesake of one’s origins; threads of trust and commonality matched with skill is the true essence of a successful season.” Ready, get set, goal…