Rosalind Shrinivas is the alt fashion illustrator you need to know

Fashion abstraction.

[R]osalind Shrinivas is the emerging ‘fashion doodler’ to follow now, fusing together abstract mark-marking with cutting-edge fashion editorial and digital media. Inspired by illustrators from Richard Kilroy and Steve Kim to Manjit Thapp, the 25-year-old delved into illustration after studying fashion design at Heriot-Watt University. “I draw from editorials and focus on the atmosphere the model is creating and the character they are embodying,” Shrinivas tells Hunger. “I mainly focus on the face as I have particular features I pick out and emphasize (eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones and hair texture) which makes my style cohesive and recognizable.”


“I realize I personify myself into every face I draw,” she adds. “I feature crying in every image. Small linear tracks that cascade down the page. I believe crying is beautiful and shows honesty and inhibition when it comes to expressing feelings.”

As part of a collaborative exhibition ‘Sing Into My Mouth’ during Edinburgh International Fashion Festival next month, Rosalind has teamed up with photographer Nuala Swan to create a series of experimental images, drawing on top of headshots. “We kept true to our own influences,” Shrinivas says. “We more brainstormed how to merge our styles, what would be visually pleasing and how we would get the right balance and accentuate both of our strengths.”


CREDITS: Photography, Nuala Swan; Illustrations, Rosalind Shrinivas; Styling, Kayleigh Swan; Make Up and Hair, Molly Sheridan; Models, Harriet and Jade at Models 1

‘Sing Into My Mouth’ launches 2nd November at Hill Street Design House in Edinburgh, and is part of the Edinburgh International Fashion festival, ongoing for two weeks. You can find out more about the exhibition here and follow Rosalind Shrinivas on Instagram here.