See Culture Clash 1.0, the new collaborative project from Finchittida

Launched as part of Fashion Revolution Week.

[J]ewellery brand Finchittida have long been synonymous with an altruistic approach to fashion, and the brand – founded by identical twins Tida and Lisa Finch – have continued in that same vein with their new collaborative project, Culture Clash.

Bringing together a smorgasbord of creative minds, art forms and philosophies the first project in the series, Culture Clash 1.0, is at its heart an exploration of personal adornment. Working with Brazil-based artist Marcelo Martinez who has been crafting South American jewellery for more than 15 years, Finchittida have created a range of chokers, earrings, medallions and body harnesses that fuse Martinez’s craftsmanship with their own South East-Asian heritage. Plated in gold and silver, pieces feature engravings of Yama, a dragon-like guardian spirit and gatekeeper of the underworld from South-East Asian mythology, who is said to protect the wearer from negative energy.

“Our last collection was all about unleashing your inner Empress and was largely inspired by our Lao heritage,” says Tida. “The Culture Clash 1.0 collection has a strong warrior essence and South American flavour, with ancient symbols of protection. This time we’ve combined laser-cut dragons with hand-crafted wirework jewellery – which works really well as a unisex collection,” she continues. “Every collection evolves simultaneously as we evolve; and reflects our journey as spiritual beings in this human world. So Finchittida has evolved from a Lao Empress into a South American Warrior!”

Launching in line with Fashion Revolution Week, a movement that aims to raise awareness of fashion ethics and sustainability, the project also features a short film helmed by director Gavin Toomey starring dancers Dominant Namek and Gianna Gi as kindred spirits battling darkness while wearing protective talismans, launching exclusively on Hunger TV today.

And we can expect more in the future too. “Culture Clash is about diversity. We imagine this series moving further and further outside the box, clashing completely contradictory concepts. Imagine how powerful it would be to collaborate with poets, astrologists or Tibetan monks to create more immersive experiences.”

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