Sophia Webster takes us away with the fairies for SS18

Grown-up Tinkerbells.

[I]f there’s one designer you can count on to produce an enchanting show, it’s Sophia Webster. Previous hits include a Frozen-themed collection for AW17, a candy-cane soiree and a mermaid laundrette. For spring / summer 2018, the fantasy footwear designer has set her sights on now on the magical mythical creatures of them all: flower fairies.

Amongst the chaos of London Fashion Week, Webster’s woodland wonderland is a place of pure romantism (kudos also to fashion’s go-to set designer Shona Heath). Sophia’s ethereal fairy muses are framed in tableaus and adorned with her footwear, handbag and mini ranges with soft colour washes of makeup (courtesy of makeup maestro Sam Bryant, using Revlon beauty products). Fierce showstopper boots designed for Titania, Queen of the Fairies, feature encased gems and antique brooch inspired crystals, whilst wisteria prints, pearls and ribbon trims create a more feminine feel.

Photography by Sarah Al Slaity

“I was really inspired by the Cottingley fairy phenomenon which happened in 1917,” Sophia Webster tells Hunger. “These two girls did this big hoax and the whole country was fooled. They made these fairies out of cardboard and they took a picture of them at the bottom of the garden and the photos looked so real.” Cicely Mary Barker flower fairies books, she illustrates girl fairies in big flowers so each different flower has its own fairy.

Wisteria, that rose petal scene in American Beauty and oversized flowers could be found on Sophia’s spring mood board. Instead of bold, OTT neon-hued footwear, this Tinkerbell is all grown up. “The colour palette I wanted to soften this season and keep it very ethereal,” Sophia says. “My dream client? Oprah for sure! She’s a big shoe fan…” Watch this space.

Revlon x Sophia Webster

Photography by Sarah Al Slaity

Sophia Webster SS18 Presentation at The Portico Rooms, Somerset House on September 18, 2017 in London, England.