Style Lessons to Learn from Dennis Hopper’s Silver Screen Moments

From Booth to Billy.

The late, great Dennis Hopper was one of the original polymaths: an actor, director, artist and photographer, he could break boundaries and risk take like no other. From his 1969 cult directorial debut Easy Rider to his renowned psychotic portrayal in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, Hopper’s career reads like a Film Studies viewing list. A part of some of the most significant movements in cinematic history, his work proves himself to be one of the true enfants terribles of the silver screen. On the day that he would have turned 82, we look back at some of Dennis Hopper’s most iconic roles and celebrate a legacy that never loses its power. So learn some lessons from the true Dennis the Menace…

fringing is always fabulous when you’re born to be wild

Billy in Easy Rider

The road movie of all road movies, Easy Rider proved Dennis Hopper to be more than just a pretty face. Directing and starring, Billy the counterculture biker is on a mission and won’t give it up for anybody. Staying true to his hippy ways, no matter the hate he gets, he’s an icon to us all. So wear your tassels with pride, and blend into the desert with saturated hues and natural decor. Let that fringe blow in the breeze of freedom.

bring back kinky couture

Frank Booth in Blue Velvet

Think slick and act quick for Frank: you’ve gotta keep the emotions under lock and key, so tuck them away beneath your tightly tailored suit. Pair luxe leather accessories with high necked pieces to ensure the right mix between conservative and fetishistic AF. Sharpen up for the big do with subtle metallic stripe, and remember – it’s always got to match that signature mysterious midnight blue hue.

Uniform never goes out of style

Clifford Worley in True Romance

Stepping into the world of fatherhood, Clifford Worley is one of the most underrated characters in True Romance. Where would we be without his notorious speech to Christopher Walken’s mafiosoVincenzo Coccotti? And where would Clarence be without a figure like daddio Dennis Hopper in his life… As far as lessons go, Clifford is more of a teacher than a style muse, however never has a police officer looked as soft and hard at the same time as Mr Worley. Don a furry hat for a subtle nod to his cosy choices, and stick up your locks for a look even sharper than your insults.

art hoe but make it wall street

Bruno Bischofberger in Basquiat

Stock up on signet rings and tortoiseshell specs for this look, ’cause you’ve gotta look like you mean business. We’re talking pocket square and tie matching just enough to show you pay attention to detail, but don’t take yourself too seriously – I mean you’re dealing with Andy Warhol after all. Work the room like you work your puppet strings, and your sharp ensemble will do the rest for you.