Style lessons to learn from Lynch’s ‘Wild at Heart’

Laura Dern knows how to funk up a bodycon dress.

You thought Bonnie and Clyde were the wildest road movie duo out there? Cue Sailor and Lula. Upping Bonnie Parker’s on the move looks to a Lynchian standard, Laura Dern rocks some of the most iconic looks from any of the director’s stylish filmography. Undoubtedly Nicolas Cage’s coolest role to date, he’s got Elvis lilts as on beat as his outfits. Probably the most memorable line of the film, and the most notorious piece of costume design, is the snakeskin jacket, which as Sailor says “represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom”. With cameos from Isabella Rossellini in a bleach blonde wig to Sherilynn Fenn in classic 90s denim (with a blood smattered twist), it’s Lynch’s artistry at its most free, fun and overwhelmingly fashionable. This film’s styling, like the whole of David Lynch’s world, is wild at heart and weird on top. To celebrate Lynch’s 72nd birthday this weekend, we’ve put together a series of style lessons to learn from his 1990 masterpiece, Wild at Heart.

find the jacket that symbolises your individuality and freedom

Anyone who’s individuality can be symbolised in a snakeskin jacket deserves to pull one off, so find your spirit animal and celebrate your personal freedom.

Live your best life in bondage bralets

Southern belles can rock BDSM chic too: pair blonde ringlets with laced up leather to make the trend your own and show the world they can’t be fooled by your Carolina cutesy.

bushy brows and bleached curls are best left untamed

Maybe only Isabella Rossellini can pull off a monobrow and mismatched blonde wig, but there’s a lesson to be learned in letting go when it comes to preening. Besides you can make up for it in put-together all-black ensembles.

pink bodycons are the way forward

The pink kink is alive and well in Lula’s wardrobe. Bodycons are a staple: easy to throw on in between trips but effective as ever. Mix that with leopard print leotards and polka dot dresses and you have the perfect parody of Southern good girl meets runaway rebel.

You can still be wild at heart with housewifely waves

The ultimate transformation from maverick to mother, Lula’s S-shaped waves and prim polka dots are the suburban dream but although you can take a girl out of the wilderness, you can’t take the wild from her heart.