Style Lessons to Learn from the Most Iconic Movie Stoners

4/20 viewing sorted.

So it’s that time of year again, and it only comes around once so why not make the most of it. Whether you like to partake in the 4/20 craze, or prefer to take it all in through the silver screen, we’ve got five faves lined up to inspire you through the blazey haze. Scroll through for our special stoner edition of Style Lessons to Learn now…

Floyd in ‘true romance’

Maybe a minor role, it’s got to be one of our fave Brad Pitt appearances in movie history. Too stoned to care about the mob or pretty much any part of Tony Scott’s film plot, he’s the perfect example of a Tarantino stoner. As for lessons to learn, Floyd teaches us the benefit of just letting yourself chill tf out. Pick a colour palette that blends into where you’ve chosen to situate yourself for the day and just sink on in.

craig jones and smokey in ‘friday’

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker take on the roles of two homies – Smokey and Craig – who one Friday smoke a whole lot of weed. May sound familiar but there’s a twist: it was $200 of a dope dealer’s gear. So the two somehow have to make up the debt by 10pm the same night. Featuring some classic nineties LA looks, for a hopefully less stressful 4/20 think vintage Nikes and grungey tartan with a good backwards baseball cap or two thrown in.

absolutely everyone in ‘dazed and confused’

Quite probably the most notorious stoner movie out there, Richard Linklater delivers some ultimate summer stoner looks in Dazed and Confused. Pair denim flares with fringed waistcoats for hippie chic, or keep it blatant with a bit of 90s Mary Jane memorabilia like Slater and his leafy lovin.

doc in ‘inherent vice’

Joaquin Phoenix pulls of stoner charm like none other, and put him together with Paul Thomas Anderson and you’ve got a 4/20 dream come true. Stick on a pair of sleek sunnies to hide your bloodshot eyes and keep it all-American with blue jean and combat palettes.

tai (and travis) in ‘clueless’

Quite possibly the cutest stoner of the silver screen, Brittany Murphy pulls out all the stops post-make over in CluelessPull up those minis, grab a printed tee, perfectly perm some curls and get ready for knee highs galore. Whoever said stoners couldn’t be sweet and sassy?