Subcultures, subversions and silk at Daniel w. Fletcher AW18

Acceptable in the 80s.

[D]aniel w. Fletcher knows how to transport his audience: from political strife of the pre-Brexit times, AW18 he took us back to the muddled 1980s. A time where subcultures were rife and rebellious youth were the promise of our future, what you wore defined who you were and what you believed in. Offsetting classic pinstripe suits with red tracksuits, Fletcher emphasised the need for subversion, then and now. The set of the season was made up of an iconic artistic collaboration from Fenella Brereton and Abigail Fletcher, as well as a few paintings from Daniel himself, creating an expressive and emotive backdrop to the paired back collection.

Transformation was without a doubt the central focus of the season: taking a classic Oxford shirt and adding a drawstring hem, or remaking luxurious loungewear to include deconstructed rugby shirts. The fabrics were as unapologetic as the vibe, technical nylons keep the luxe innovative, whilst slick leather breathes fresh air into the sharp tailoring. Considered, careful and quiet, it’s a step in a new direction for the bold designer, but it remains powerful: as the designer explains “at a time where the world feels uncertain…[we] are looking to tradition for guidance; and in doing so creating something new and dictating his own future.”

Check out the full collection and our exclusive behind the scenes look in the gallery below…