Take a look inside Miles Aldridge’s surreally erotic new show

Here's a sneak peek of collabs with Maurizio Cattelan and more.

[M]iles Aldridge’s photography is notorious for its decadent film noir-esque aesthetic and erotic conceptions. Bring that together with the surreal artistry of Maurizio Cattelan; the contemporary pop paintings of Harland Miller; or the graphic creations of duo Gilbert & George, and you have three match-made projects. As a photographer who has been long interested in art history, Aldridge’s creations are highly stylised and draw influence from pulp fiction nudes and noir pin-ups: he explains, “in my work there is always a push and pull between high and low art”.

Entitled (after), the projects are Aldridge’s personal responses to the three artist’s works, and stems from when Cattelan invited him to stage a photo shoot at his Parisian Not Afraid of Love exhibition back in 2016. The result was “bold, statuesque, Valkyrie-like nudes that seem to both haunt and dominate Cattelan’s sculptures of the pope, Hitler and horses in the rococo interiors”, a not to be missed creation.


For the other two artists, the stories are just as personal. Harland Miller described his artistic influences to the photographer, one of whom being his father Alan Aldridge’s penguin book designs. The two connected over a love of screenprints, and so his response came from “the idea of creating a screenprint from a photograph, of going from mass media to art”. For Gilbert & George, performances artists who have dedicated their lives to being living works of art, Aldridge created “a vignette about the arrival of an androgynous young visitor coming to stay with the pair…the scenes are eerie and enigmatic but hint at an elusive narrative”. The exhibition is a diverse but consistent response to other artists creations: “I am responding to these three different artists not just visually but texturally by using photographic images to create different kinds of prints.”

Miles Aldridge (after) opens 24th November 2017 and closes 5th January 2018 at Lyndsey Ingram, 20 Bourdon Street, London, W1K 3PL. For more information click here, follow Miles Aldridge on Instagram here, and click through the gallery below for a sneak peek now.