Take a photographic trip around the world

With Kyle Weeks, Daido Moriyama and more.

[P]hotography has the power to change how we see and experience the world we live in. Whether it’s a different view on a familiar landscape or an intimate glimpse of a culture unknown to us – the image-makers of today can help us reach a deeper understanding both of ourselves and each other.

From Daido Moriyama’s iconic renderings of Japan to Kyle Weeks’ series documenting the precarious process of collecting palm wine in Namibia, take an evocative journey to the world’s most curious places with a selection of Photo London’s international works on display below.

Kyle Weeks, Vapwakuapi Thom, 2014, C-Print, 66 x 56 cm, Courtesy of Officine dell'Immagine

Christopher Anderson, Shenzhen, China, 2017, Archival pigment print, 30 x 20 inches each, Courtesy of Danziger Gallery

Miho Kajioka, BK0185, 2017, gelatin silver print, 25 x 19.5 cm, Courtesy of IBASHO

L'amant d'aout © Nobuyoshi Araki

Daido Moriyama, New Japan’s Scenic Trio 2: Ueno Terminal Station 1982, Gelatin silver print on baryt, 10 x 12 in.