The 80s-inspired swimwear brand of the summer

Bella Hadid is a big fan of the London label.

[T]he most Instagram-worthy swimwear label to know? Get Hunza G on your radar stat. Peter Meadows originally made Hunza costumes in the mid-80s  – one cut-out dress most famously worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Since Creative Director Georgiana Huddart re-launched brand with Meadows in 2015, everyone from Bella Hadid to Kim Kardashian West has been going crazy over the crazy-cool retro creations with a modern twist. “I couldn’t understand why there was no were to buy the crinkle pieces anymore” Huddart explains to Hunger. “So we decided to re-launch the crinkle again but under the name Hunza G…….The G is for my name Georgiana….very original!”

“I wanted to use the crinkle but make the designs less fluoro,” she adds. “Giving them something slightly more sophisticated and not so literal to the Miami aesthetic that defined them in the 80’s. We have added frills, tortoiseshell detail and I wanted to make them more contemporary.” Georgiana Huddart gives us the low-down on the future of the brand, her biggest influencers and the swimwear trends making waves (literally) at the moment…

Hi Georgiana! Hunza was launched in 1984. Would you say Hunza G still has an 80s edge to it?

It does. But I wanted to make it into more than just an 80’s style aesthetic. I equally didn’t want it to totally disown its 80’s heritage, so it was about trying to find the right combination of referencing the 80’s whilst making it a little more sophisticated and indefinable in terms of era.

What would we find on your mood board?

I find inspiartion in so many things! For the Northern Soul collection, I was looking at buying some lucite earrings and saw a pair of tortoiseshell hoops, then I watched a film called Northern Soul and then whole thing sort of came together as a collection. I started looking up music from this time- and album covers and just got a general feeling for what I wanted. I dont usually take design inspiration from literal clothing or copy shapes- its more about a general feeling that creates a mood.

What are some of your best selling styles?

The Jean, Greta, Tracey, Classic, Zora and Gloria.

What sets Hunza G apart from other swimwear brands?

The concept of the one size. I suppose as well, how comfortable it is. I find it very hard to wear any other swimmer now because I am so used to how comfortable and easy it is to wear. It suits such a variation of body shape, colouring etc. There should be a piece for everyone in the Hunza G collections.

Are there any swimwear trends you’ve noticed for this summer season?

Simple and sporty shapes- the straight cross swim. So like our share necked swimming costume seems to be vey popular- and not too much detailing. Everything seems to have reverted to simple and sporty shapes. There aren’t many halter neck shapes for example: everything looks more like a sports bra.

Looking back to 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s – who are your ‘beach-side poster girls’?

Marilyn Monroe was incredible. All the Bond girls are pretty amazing and I love how much they represent the time and style of when the film is made. They are almost a characature of themselves- which I think is brilliant- they styling is so good in the Bond films. I also love all the supermodels – that athletic body is wonderful, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford.

What’s up next for the brand this year?

We have some exciting collaborations coming out next year with a sportswear company which I am really looking forward to launching!

Watch this space…