The analogue photographer capturing compassion

Humanity on 35mm.

[O]ver the past six years, Eric Soucy has travelled non-stop around the world capturing unexpected moments on analogue film.   His calm, contemplative images show an instinctive eye for light and shade, and a gentle, considered approach to portraiture.

For the Brooklyn-based photographer, taking photos is his way of navigating the rapid social shifts in America and the wider world – reconnecting with humanity and compassion. “My goal is to capture the world, and to capture people as they are so that we can analyse, discuss and improve the world around us” he says.

Over the past two years, Eric has compiled his images in three different books and donated the proceeds to humanitarian causes. His latest publication, ‘We are Many’ documents the social movements in New York City under the Trump regime.

Explore Eric’s unique view on the world below, and see more of his work on his Instagram @ericsoucy