The artist calling out sexism and breaking boundaries through intricate embroidery

Sophie King is smashing stereotypes one stitch at a time.

[S]ophie King is reclaiming the power of embroidery: an artistic medium as old as time, it’s been excluded from the creative canon and disregarded by the patriarchy as ‘woman’s work’. King explains that through her work she aims “to show how textiles, especially embroidery, can be used as a powerful medium that can communicate messages about myself and the world around me”.

As an artist, Sophie King creates pieces that are feminist, powerful and smash stereotypes one stitch at a time. Alike to Tracey Emin’s breaking of gender conventions through textiles, King’s embroidery challenges expectations of femininity and patriarchal norms. From “Stop teaching girls that boys are mean to them because they like them”, to “Maybe I’m not too sensitive, maybe you’re just a dickhead?”, her phrases and mantras unify women and teach men the lessons they, tbh, should already know by now.

So have a scroll through our favourite picks below, follow Sophie King on Instagram here at King Sophie’s World and check out her shop online here to teach yourself and other’s these important sexism shaming truths…

I gave you love, you gave me trust issues ? limited edition prints available in store ?

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