25 July 2016

The film exploring what happens when you can’t put down your iPhone

What has the digital revolution done to our minds?

[S]kinship will resonate with anyone who checks their phone first thing when they wake up, that is to say, nearly everyone. In less than 18 minutes, Skinship unravels a not-so-distant future and a relationship cauterised by our dependency on mobile technology. Skinship confronts with delicate but acute sensitivity the human connections that were superseded during the digital revolution – notably touch and an ability to communicate without the safety-guard of a screen.

In many ways the dystopian future that Nichola Wong presents to us is already here. Whilst technology and ubiquitous screen presence brings us closer together, the side-effect of disconnect from our immediate surroundings still remains very unaddressed.

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This short film originally appeared on Nowness.