Blending surrealism with classical sculpture
19 February 2018

The Instagram blending surrealism with classical sculpture

A pastel-infused acid trip.

[S]tep inside the Venus Mansion – a pastel-infused acid trip blending Roman sculpture, modernism and 1950s nostalgia. Unfortunately it’s not a place you can actually visit – but a surreal digital series by Korean artist, Lee Sol.

In Lee’s outlandish world, an atomic bomb of pantones has exploded – repainting American suburbia in solid pinks and blues. Michaelangelo’s David becomes Ziggy Stardust and Venus di Milo goes technicolour. There’s a feeling of dystopia about the interiors of the Venus Mansion. Cinematic mid-century modern scenes are mysteriously empty. An eerie banquet hall recalls The Lobster, with a touch of Wes Anderson in the contrasting hues.

For Lee, the visuals are designed to disrupt our ideas about the functional meanings behind objects and spaces, and to provoke our deeper emotions around a sense of place.

Take a closer look at his captivating work below, and follow @venusmansion on Instagram for more inspiration