21 September 2017

The motion graphics artist exploring our deepest issues

Check out SK Lama's debut fashion films.

[B]ritish motion graphics artist and filmmaker SK Lama debuts his first fashion films with Hunger today, titled ISSUES. The new project reflects on misconducts in society: delivered through an emotional storyline is a deep rooted message. The London-based director explains the inspiration behind the captivating project: “each film in the Issues series focuses on a specific emotional topic, which in these instances are Homophobia (Harrison Raburn Session 3) and Sexism (Sasha Sanusi Session 11)”.

Speaking of Session 3, SK explained: “this film concentrates on the purity of love, as a person’s sexuality is simply the gender they love. The concept of Ying Yang is something which inspired this film, considering it in terms of experiences. The balance being skewed for a minority of people.”

Talking about Session 11, SK told us “the main focus of this film is solidarity and unity. Given that the film itself is a commentary opposing sexism with the emotional storyline of the lead character. These emotions are something that several men, cultures and politicians are unaware of. However, several are and seem complacent. I wanted this movie to edge women towards equality, along with the support of the rest of us.”

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