The Muse: Meet rising stylist and image maker to know Dylan Weller

Rock royalty.

[M]odel, emerging stylist and image maker Dylan Weller is your new must-follow. The 21-year-old daughter of musician Paul Weller, moved to LA when she was 13; and says spending much of her youth between Santa Monica and Silver Lake meant she was never marred with the “celebrity offspring” tag in her teen years. After attending fashion school in the US, she recently moved back to London to expand her styling CV; and has already worked with the likes of Stella McCartney (and Vivienne Westwood in the new year – more on that later). “I’ve always preferred the fashion in London,” Weller tells us. “It’s less commercial and a lot ‘cooler.’”  We caught up with the rising talent – signed to Elite’s creative collective – to talk 90s style, rock star parents and finding her own path in the industry…

You grew up in LA, what was the biggest difference for you leaving London?

The weather! Although this did mean getting a whole new wardrobe, so every cloud I guess. The people are also really different – I moved from a private school in London, to quite a hippie school in LA that taught in a converted motel and caravans. I studied fashion at a college in upstate New York in Poughkeepsie – I had some amazing professors who were all extremely inspiring, but then I’d leave class and see students walking around in pink leggings and Vineyard Vine shirts. So, after two years I moved back to LA and carried on with my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business. During that time, I discovered I was less interested in the buying/business side of fashion and wanted to concentrate on the more creative, experimental side, which basically explains why I moved back to London.

Jumper : Norse Projects; Thermal: UNIQLO; Trousers : Toast; Trainers : Hi-Tec

What are your favorite emerging fashion brands right now?

Alana Pallister, designer and founder of I.AM.GIA, is becoming one of the most popular brands right now and it’s incredible to see the growth over a 6-month period. I love a lot of what they do and recently had a bit of online spending spree. Another designer that I adore is MISBHV, who launched their women’s wear collection this year – it was really successful, everything I wanted was sold out! The designers of MISBHV had no previous fashion experience but understood consumer culture and really delivered on this. Another brand that I’m obsessing over is menswear brand, Sunnei. Sunnei have some amazing pieces and they have a very consistent style. I want every pair of trousers from this brand!!

You recently worked on a campaign with Stella McCartney. What can we expect?

That was a really fun experience. I was able to style, cast and feature in the campaign and being part of the process from start to finish was really eye opening. We wanted the shoot to feel super natural and organic & so I cast two friends of mine, Lelu & Tia, I am excited to see the final outcome! 

Jumpsuit: Toast Top (worn underneath): Bug Beret: Stylist’s own

How would you describe your personal style? Who is your ultimate fashion icon?

I would say my style is quite androgynous. I love contrast, so I’ll wear really baggy vintage jeans from the 90’s but make it more feminine by wearing a tight top. I take inspiration from so many people, varying from Aaliyah back in the 90’s to my dad. Sometimes I do wish I could get away with wearing styles from Hollywood’s “Golden Age”, it’s not very me but there are days I just want to channel Audrey Hepburn.

Dress: Hillier Bartley; Roll neck (worn underneath): Weekday; Trainers: Dylan’s own

What inspires me the most when it comes to styling? Definitely menswear, and intertwining that with womenswear. When I lived in L.A., I worked for a women’s swimwear brand, called Hot-As-Hell. We opened up our Miami SWIMWEEK runway show with a male head to toe in Hot-As-Hell. This was really unusual but also a really bold and inspiring move. He wore a corset tie up top and our baggy sweatpants, and really rocked it.

First fashion memory?

Justin Timberlake and Britney spears all denim look.

Have you ever borrowed anything from your dad’s 70s/80s wardrobe?

Yeah of course! My sisters and I take a lot of his jackets, jumpers and tops. The poor guy! I wish I could wear some of suits but sizing is a bit of an issue! Recently my dad has become quite an avid online shopper and so we keep an eye on the post and see if it’s something we like, if so, unfortunately for him its finders keepers!

The top three people you follow on Instagram?

I love Cailin Russo’s style; she worked a lot with Hot-As-Hell and is a great girl so she’s definitely up there. Obviously Adwoa Aboah because not only is she gorgeous but she is using her platform for the greater good! I admire how she carries herself considering the constant attention she is faced with – she still doesn’t take herself to seriously and clearly has a strong sense of self. She is killing it right now! Lastly, I would say Jane How, an amazing stylist with amazing style!

Jumpsuit: Toast; Top (worn underneath): Bug; Beret: Stylist’s own

Has your father’s influence in the industry affected your music taste growing up? What do you listen to now?

Yes, I would say so – my dad’s more up to date than I am. I grew up listening to all sorts of music; I would definitely say I’ve inherited my dad’s eclectic taste and ability to appreciate any genre of well made music. I still listen to all sorts, old or new. I love Outstanding by Gap Band but also newer artists such as Steve Lacey and Kali Uchis. My boyfriend is a DJ so I’ll learn five new artists just by listening to him talk to my dad.

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

I can’t wait for 2018 to begin, the end of 2017 has been really exciting for me in terms of modeling, styling and getting myself out there so I can’t wait for more to come. I’m concentrating on my styling, and freelancing for various brands. I am going to be working with Vivienne Westwood from the beginning of next year and I can’t wait. It’s such an iconic British brand and Vivienne Westwood herself is obviously an inspiration in more ways than one!


Main image (clothing credits): Full look: Weekday; earrings: Dinosaur Designs. 

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