17 August 2017

The photographers capturing secret sides of London

Not just bad weather and sportswear.

[L]ondon is often characterised as a colourless, concrete expanse, a place that, despite a history of seminal contributions to global culture and a famously diverse population, somehow remains best known for its weather. Photographers within the city, though, are capturing the Big Smoke in a new light, finding the idiosyncrasies that build a personality and the characters who are part of London’s past, present and future.

Damien Hart – @DAMIEN.HART_

Student protests, sportswear, BMWs and cans of Red Stripe, Damien Hart captures a side of London that is familiar the the city’s residents, but that passersby may not take in at first glance. Hart’s candid pictures describe the seemingly banal moments that eventually create a deep, endearing portrait a city where the beauty is in the details.

Poem Baker – @POEMBAKER

For her series Hymns from the Bedroom Poem Baker photographed London’s youth in their most intimate setting – their bedrooms. Capturing performers, musicians and designers, the series is a portrait of London’s creative scene: disruptive artists on the fringes of mainstream society seeking to redefine the boundaries in their respective fields. Individually, the portraits show vulnerability, uncertainty and Ikea mirrors. Collectively they define a generation.


Self-taught photographer Shane Vincent captures London’s street scenes with a vibrancy that defies the city’s reputations as colourless, concrete expanse. Vincent’s lens is attracted to the city’s various conflicting moods and characters – the late-night tube journeys, high street shoppers and warm, welcoming glow of centuries old pubs all make appearances in his work.

Blue Laybourne – @BLUELAYBOURNE

Blue Laybourne stops time on a city that is rapidly succumbing to the relentless wave of gentrification sweeping through its boroughs. Capturing chicken shops, markeys and greasy spoons is a way to preserve them for the future, whilst shooting exclusively on 35mm film pays tribute to the decades’ worth of bustling business, fry-ups and gossip that each of his locations have witnessed.