The Portuguese designer creating a mystical world full of velvet and metallics

Under the moonlight.

[K]atty Xiomara is a Portuguese designer creating feminine, modern designs inspired by adventure, romance and poetry.

Full of rich velvet, silks and sequins, her latest collection, shown at Portugal Fashion, is a journey into the forest at midnight in dark hues and shimmering pearl tones.

We caught up with Katty to talk about creating her own fashion brand and the mystical and musical inspirations behind her designs.

What is unique about the Katty Xiomara brand?

The brand is crafted from a very personal view, the content reflects the way I see, and the way I face life. It’s a feminine collection and every woman has moments of tenderness, serenity, emotion, fun, sensuality, sadness and strength. The characteristics are reflected in the collections that evoke a strong urban and elegant/stylish attitude. I focus on clean shapes but with a peculiar mix of prints, patterns, material and small details that are designed to surprise you.

Talk us through the inspirations behind your latest collection?

This new collection is a little bit more mystical and romantic than usual.

The name is “El Toro enamorado de la Luna” which comes from the Gipsy Kings song that speaks to us of a platonic love in a magical universe.

The collection gathers inspiration throughout this mysterious universe with the forest and its creatures, in all the drama of the night and the endless hope of day. By applying this as inspiration to our garments everything seems to appear so magically, with a certain wild poetry.

The colours parade in increasing brightness; with black, blue and shimmering tones reflecting the moonlight.

The fabrics are rich and textured, some are light and fluid others are structured and compact. Outlined by jacquard and prints, sweetly articulated with lace and embroidery.


You use a lot of rich and luxurious fabrics in your designers, with delicate details - how do you go about sourcing these?

We use many materials manufactured here in Portugal but we also do more extensive research that involves several countries from Europe. In fact, this is one of the first steps in the development of the collections and is also one of the most important.

What’s inspiring about Portugal for you as a designer?

Portugal has a historical richness and a very strong culture. The city where I live and work – Porto (Oporto), inspires some secrecy and romance and I think that somehow it might involuntary reflect in my work.

Who would you most love to see wearing your designs?

Seeing a modern woman take on a posture that sets her apart, that makes her feel unique and wonderful in her day to day life is a goal for us. But obviously seeing our clothes on prominent figures that may reflect the style and values of the brand would also be great. I would love to see our designs on Emma Stone, Lucy Liu, Emma Watson, Freida Pinto and Lily Collins to name a few.

How would you like to see your brand evolving?

Going international must be the path for the brand’s evolution and I think this is the way forward. The possibilities for growth are higher because we’re talking about a bigger universe of consumers with different tastes.

Thanks Katty!