30 January 2018

The Russian artist exploring fashion, corruption and surrealism

Otherworldly visuals.

[A]nna Radchenko is a photographer and artist known for her surreal, visually arresting pieces. Created in collaboration with motion graphics designer, Eskay Lama, her latest series ‘Wonderful Legacy to Leave Behind’ is a reflection on her homeland, Russia.

Explored across four animations, the series disrupts high fashion visuals, using surreal elements to address pressing issues in contemporary Russia: from gender identities, to the corruption of natural resources and the need for this generation to abandon old values.

View the striking animations below, and find out more about Anna’s work on her website.

Revolution On The Mind

Darkmask: RUSHEV+SHABALIN / Top: Tali Rutman

Expensive Nature

Darkmask: RUSHEV+SHABALIN / Dress: Vanda Fondunaeva


Darkmask: RUSHEV+SHABALIN / Dress: Vanda Fondunaeva

War Hearts

Top: Tali Rutman / Jeans: Tali Rutman / Earrings: Rushev / Cap: RUSHEV+SHABALIN / Eyewear: FAKOSHIMA