The subversive power of the GIF

Future feminist art by Isabel Chiara.

[T]he GIF has become the key medium for satirical expression in the digital age. No longer just about cute cats (much as we love them), moving images have become a space for artists to engage in political protest and subversive expression.

Isabel Chiara is one such creative exploring the GIF as a provocative artform. Building on her previous work making art films, the Spanish artist uses her GIFs to explore and challenge ideas about female roles in society.

Isabel’s moving images are an alternative trip through art history from Michelangelo to Magritte – with women and their bodies placed at the centre of the narrative.

Classical artworks are disupted with heavy doses of wit – “Humour helps me express my perception of the world, the problems that concern me as a woman and artists, and makes bearable those things which I rebel against” she says.

The body is artfully deconstructed in surreal scenarios. High-heeled legs and manicured hands come together in hypnotic movements. The intention – to disrupt and ridicule stereotypes assigned to women by showing their absurdity.

Discover Isabel’s work below, and visit her site for more incredible GIFS.