21 November 2017

The Swedish photographer exploring our inner selves

Discover Gabriel Isak's minimal visuals.

[G]abriel Isak is a young photographer from Sweden based in NYC, finding inspiration from our inner world of dreams. With a zen-like aesthetic – his images seek to mirror the unconscious mind, bringing the spiritual to life with surreal effect.

Drawing on cinema and the serene landscape of Sweden – Gabriel’s portraits have a dark melancholic feel. Psychology is a recurring theme, with his series ‘The Shadow and the Self’ – an experiment in light and shade inspired by a quote from Carl Jung – “To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light.”

By contrast, Gabriel’s fashion images have a pop art sensibility – filled with colour, energy and humour. It’s a study in contrasts, united by a beautiful sense of balance and simplicity.

Discover Gabriel’s intriguing visuals below, and follow him on Instagram for more inspiration.