10 April 2018

The teenage fashion photographer on his way to the top

Myles Loftin is destined for big things.

[M]yles Loftin is an 18 year old fashion photographer working out of New York where he studies at Parsons School of Design. The hallmarks of his work are soft focus, dream-like light and making everybody look really, really beautiful. Already recognised by DazedThe Fader and VFiles amongst others, Myles is one of he most in-demand undergrads in NYC right now.

Check out Myles’ work and his wise words below to find out why and make sure you follow him here.

Hi Myles, who are the people in your photographs?

Hi, a lot of the people that I photograph are my friends. I really enjoy taking photos of them because I think it’s so important for me to be capturing and preserving moments with the people who I spend most of my time with. I also imagine that these photos will serve as memories of my youth when I look back at them years from now. The other people that you see in my photographs who aren’t my friends are usually people who pay me to shoot them, or just faces I find interesting and am compelled to photographed.

Where do you live and how does it influence your work?

I live in New York City, I’ve been living here since August when I started school and the city has a huge influence on my work. The people are most inspiring. New York is a melting pot of so many different kinds of people with so many different looks, styles, and personalities. Everyday I meet new people, and see new people who I want to photograph. There is so much visual content to consume in NYC.

Who would you most like to take a photograph of?

Definitely Rihanna. She seems so much fun to work with.

What’s the most beautiful thing recently?

 FKA Twigs’ campaign with Nike that came out recently was really amazing. And it’s even cooler that photographer who shot it is only 17 years old. It’s great seeing young black kids do great things.

What would you like to see less of on Instagram in 2017?

Fewer companies taking advantage of the youth for free promo.


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