31 January 2018

The Vanicure is the latest trend in self-care

Forget the vajazzle.

[F]orget the vajazzle and the vajacial, there’s a new self-care buzzword to add to your vocabulary this year: the vanicure. Thankfully it doesn’t involve glitter or diamantes – it’s all natural, and is the latest skincare innovation to come from Copenhagen.

The brainchild of former L’Oreal marketing executive Avonda Urben, ‘The Perfect V’ is an eight product collection designed by women for women to take care of the delicate skin around the ‘V’. Set to be stocked in Harvey Nichols from March, the line includes two moisturisers, an exfoliator, serum, beauty sheets and mist, created to soften skin and soothe bumps. For the more adventurous, there’s also a luminizer. Yep, you can now add shimmer to your vagina.

Having spent many years working in the beauty industry, Avonda noticed that no luxury skincare range like this existed, and that the language used around female products hadn’t evolved much since the 1950s. “All of the marketing for these products has been so negative, making women feel as if they have a problem, I wanted to create something that would make self-care a part of their routine – something that they would actually feel good using and having on their shelf”.

A complete detour from old-fashioned looking feminine products, ‘The Perfect V’ comes in luxe pastel minimalist packaging and is already stocked in the beauty sections of high-end department stores and spas around the world.

For Avonda, creating the products has sparked many interesting conversations – “What I’m finding so interesting is that everyone says they are prudish – the Danish, Americans, British – everything thinks they are more conservative than each other”.

The range can be used whether natural, shaven or waxed and Avonda is keen to stress that she isn’t telling women how to look – “I’m giving them products that will hopefully make them feel good about themselves and feel pampered. It’s not for them to look good for a man. I designed this for a woman for themselves. We look after everything except our most female part”.

The Perfect V will be stocked in Harvey Nichols from March 2018