This is the first model agency to go fur-free

"We support a more sustainable approach within the fashion industry."

[F]ollowing hot on the heels of Gucci last year, designers from Donna Karen, Donatella Versace, Furla and more have pledged to ban fur cruelty from their collections. “Faux real” is now becoming the new normal on the runway, after years of animal cruelty. Championing this new eco-conscience on the catwalk, independent model and talent agency, Linden Staub, revealed its fur-free policy to give the power back to the clients they represent.

The London-based agency, created by two former model bookers Tara Le Roux and Esther Kinnear-Derungs in 2016, are the first agency to join the hairy debate. “We support a more sustainable approach within the fashion industry by becoming fur-free,” said Kinnear-Derungs and Le Roux. “With so many prestigious brands supporting this movement, we feel that it is a natural move as a supplier of talent to stand alongside them in this vision.”


The agency’s fur-free policy will include mink, coyote, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit, and karakul (otherwise known as astrakhan) and all others species specially bred or caught for fur.

“Hats off to Linden Staub for keeping the fur industry off its books,” said Director of PETA, Elisa Allen. “Given that animal suffering has been exposed time and time again on fur farms around the world – and that innovative, luxurious, cruelty-free fabrics are widely available – there’s no excuse for designing with, buying, or modelling fur. We commend the agency on taking a stand against this gruesome trade and on sending a clear message that fur has no place in today’s fashion industry.”



Linden Staub challenges convention by pursuing a unique business model of acting as a mother agency to a select and hand-picked group of girls, including transgender model and LGBTQ+ advocate and activist Maxim Magnus and body positive activist Tsiu-Kim Bagan. You can check out Hunger’s exclusive interview with Maxim here.