This street artist has spread 300 messages of joy and kindness around London

It's cool to be kind.

[L]et’s face it; it’s near impossible to go a day without hearing some awful news story. And while it’s easy to glance at the headlines and think the whole world has gone to shit, there is also something to be said for collective empathy. Be it from your mum or that complete stranger in Pret, who serendipitously senses you’re having a bad day and gives you a free coffee. Never underestimate the importance of kindness – to yourself or others.

As part of a partnership with Browns, London-based street artist and creative behind ‘Notes to Strangers’ has created the ultimate feel-good campaign. Until December 4th Browns East will be home to the largest collection of hand painted notes of joy and kindess (300, in fact), all suspended in The Entrance to create a rainbow-coloured display of positivity as part of their #CoolToBeKind campaign. This is one Instagram trend we want to go viral this season…