8. Baise-Moi (or Fuck Me). The most memorable thing about this awful French thriller is the numerous horrific sex scenes. Case in point: at one point the female lead rapes a man with the barrel of her gun. (trailer only)
11 December 2014

Top Ten: Iconic Sex Scenes

Let's talk about sex... or more specifically the carnal scenes which have left an indelible impression on us all.

[W]e’d like to argue that a good sex scene in a feature film is far more titillating than porn can ever be. Emotional investment in the characters coupled with the magic of some expert editing, is far more effective than the internet’s plethora of low-rent pumping and grinding.

But this list isn’t about steamy scenes that set pulses racing. Our ten most iconic sex scenes have been chosen for the indelible impression they leave on the viewer – for better or worse. As some of our choices demonstrate, a carefully crafted carnal scene can even have a wider effect on society. Although others are just plain weird (see True Blood).

If you’re sitting in a busy office as you read this then we recommend saving the videos for after-hours. If not, then sit back and savour some S.E.X.