9½ Weeks. Kim Basinger is irresistible in this bedroom strip scene, mixing just enough naivety with innate sexuality. Oh yeah, and that's what Mickey Rourke USED to look like.
25 August 2013

Top Ten: Strip Scenes

We know you all enjoyed our top ten iconic sex scenes but now it's time to strip.

The Full Monty (1997) - Strip SceneWe kick it all off with a group of men who figured the best way to make money after the mines closed down was to take off their clothes to music. The end scene in this brilliant British comedy is priceless.

[W]e know you all enjoyed our top ten iconic sex scenes but now Hunger fans, it’s time to strip.

This well-worn mating ritual never goes out of style – on or off film – and it can be all the more titillating when it involves our favourite film stars.

The key to this dance of seduction is a perfect mixture of reveal and tease and there’s a real art to giving pleasure without any physical contact. Sex can get messy but the strip is all about the fantasy.

It was tougher than we thought to narrow down the list but after long hours of watching countless Hollywood actors take their clothes off we think we might have nailed it.

So look but don’t touch our (NSFW) top ten strip scenes.