Unseen photo portraits by Andy Warhol in 1980s New York

Featuring Grace Jones and the gang.

[H]ow we still can’t get enough of the glamour, fashion and retro decadence of nightlife in 1980s NYC. A melting pot of creativity – and Andy Warhol was at the centre of it all.

For the first time, unseen photo portraits by the iconoclast will go on display at West Hollywood’s Hedges Projects. The unique black and white images feature both formal portraits to candid shots of his famous friends (including Jerry Hall, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Grace Jones and more).

Writer and Editor Pat Hackett, one of the artist’s closest confidantes, was frequently the recipient of gifts from the artist. Prior to his death, Warhol gifted a trove of UNIQUE 8” x 10” Silver Gelatin Prints made with his 35 mm camera. “Andy was doing so much photographing in the years right before he died, and talking about having more and more shows of this new work in galleries and museums,” Hackett says. “You could see how much it excited him. His whole view of the world and of art had always been that reality could not be improved upon. Yes, it could be tinkered with and touched up – re-presented in all sorts of ways – but he profoundly felt that real life could never be improved upon. That view made photography a natural next big step in his evolution as an artist.”

Through Andy’s Lens: Never Before Seen Works from the Pat Hackett Collection” is on at Hedges Project in Los Angeles until 10 June. To find out more, head to hedges-projects.com