18 April 2018

Ussi’n Yala’s photographs explore gender, sexuality and prejudice

The Gabonese photograph shifting narratives on blackness, masculinity and sexuality.

[U]ssi’n Yala is a Gabonese photographer based in France. His latest project, Fluid Self, is a series of raw, composed portraits intended to deconstruct rigid definitions of masculinity and stereotypical depictions of blackness. Fluid Self is a conceptual love story between two men – Ussi’n’s friends Sandra Boutz and Clément Réthoré. 

All three of them are based in France, but each faces a unique challenge of identity and acceptance due to their identity and sexuality: Ussi’n is black, Clément is gay, and Sandra is Jewish. “We each live in a constant state of discomfort in society and which is, in part, connected with who we are,” says Ussi’n, before explaining that his motive as an artist is to address deep-lying prejudice and to emancipate those who are confined and othered by society: “I hope to free people from the injustice and social barriers we face today. I want to produce work that will have an impact on the way society works and the way we see the world.”

Fluid Self was shot exclusively for Adobe Stock.