27 March 2023

Heavyweight hypebeast: Get your hands in a pair of Louis Vuitton boxing gloves for $15,000

If you’ve got the funds, there’s no more stylish way to enter the ring while donning a pair of these.

Sure, it might be the heavyweights themselves who get our full attention on fight night, but when it comes to boxing, it’s equally as important to look the part (even if you’re getting knocked out). And what better way to turn heads than with a pair of one of one Louis Vuitton boxing gloves? 

Los Angeles-based collections store Justin Reed recently posted the rare find on its Instagram and website. The collector’s item comes in the form of LV-monogram boxing gloves in the classic brown and orange leather colourway. Arriving in a matching leather carrier, it also comes in a dust bag that appears to feature the monogrammed initials “K.L” for the late Karl Lagerfeld

The iconic designer died on February 19th 2019, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Lagerfield was known as one of the industry’s most decorated designers having helmed Chanel since 1983. He designed the brand’s ready-to-wear and couture lines, his own label and collaborated with Silvia Fendi to create Fendi’s ready-to-wear collections.

The description of the boxing gloves state that they date back to 2014, arriving with what appears to be a certificate authenticating LV’s celebration of “The Icon and the Iconoclasts” with the “K.L” monogram for Karl Lagerfeld. However, it’s not confirmed if Lagerfeld owned them before his death.

The suitcase carrier for the gloves also comes with a training mat, seemingly showing a series of footwork steps numbered from 1 to 12 adorned with LV emblems all over. The mat is used in tandem with the gloves, as well as a QR code that takes the buyer to a page where they can access various boxing exercise videos.

Of course, LV are no stranger to ridiculous price points. Who could forget the recently released Paint Can Bag, which retailed at £1980, or the Fortune Cookie Bag, with a not-so-fortunate price of £2,310? But as always, their collabs with streetwear brand Supreme are certainly on the eye-watering side (putting it lightly). An LV x Supreme Bomber Jacket will set you back $15,000. Or fancy remortgaging your house? A Courier Trunk will burn a £120,500 shaped hole in your pockets.  

So, if you’re looking to add a splash of luxury to your combat sports, then these LV gloves are available here for the small price tag of $15,000. Although we’d advise against wearing them whilst sparring, they’ll most likely only ramp up your opponent’s anger (no one likes a show-off).


  • Writer Chris Saunders Banner Image Credit

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