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MIA and Childish Gambino release new music

Your fave musicians are giving back to fans amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Self-isolating at home with little to no contact with the outside world excluding our Instagram followers, we’re having a hard time keeping the boredom at bay. We’ve basically doubled our time online in an effort to keep ourselves entertained…which is set to be no easy feat given that production on our binge watches of choice has been suspended and most upcoming sports engagements have also been cancelled. Hell, even Eurovision is skipping a year. 

In order to keep us afloat, some of our fave musicians have decided to share some much-anticipated new music. Chief among them is rapper M.I.A. who released her first new track in three years last night. Entitled “OHMNI 202091” the single is the lead track off her forthcoming album and is available for free via her Patreon page. Promoting the single on Twitter she described the release as “free music to get you the f*ck outta bed”. Do as M.I.A. tells you!

Also on the new music bandwagon is Childish Gambino, who released new album 3.15.20 featuring Ariana Grande and 21 Savage yesterday. A week prior, the musician and actor first shared the LP as a continuous loop on his website before taking it down several hours later but now, officially shared on numerous streaming platforms, it looks like the album is here to stay.

Happy streaming! You can check out Childish Gambino’s new collabs with Ariana Grande and 21 Savage on our “The Only Tracks You Need to Hear Right Now” playlist spotlighting the week’s freshest releases on Spotify.

23 March 2020