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slowthai Drops Horror-Themed Video for “CANCELLED”

Alongside Skepta, the Northampton rapper is making a not-so-subtle statement...

Last night (9 February) slowthai premiered his latest video for new track “CANCELLED” off of his forthcoming album TYRON.

The video sees slowthai revel in the macabre, reimagining the rapper as characters from horror flicks such as Scary Movie and Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as American Psycho‘s blood-thirsty banker Patrick Bateman. Featuring Skepta, the track’s lyrics clearly take aim at cancel culture with lines like “how you gonna cancel me?” and “see you throwing stones in your glass house”.

It’s no secret that the song references slowthai’s own experience of being “cancelled” after a drunken altercation with Katherine Ryan at the NME Awards saw him become the subject of online fury. Speaking in an interview to Rolling Stone, slowthai revealed that it was Skepta who helped him with the emotional fallout of that time: “So I’m sitting there, I’m in a dark headspace, and [Skepta’s] like, ‘This isn’t your defining moment, bro. Use this. Come out stronger, come out harder. Show the world what you’re about. Fuck all that worrying. Just be you and live your life.’”


While you wait for slowthai’s album, check out the video below and read our 2018 interview with the rapper, where he talks art as rebellion, here

10 February 2021