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Wagamama launches first ever fashion collab with Michiko Koshino

Food for thought. 

High fashion and fine dining is nothing new: Marie Antoinette made eating croissants look sexy and continues to influence food stylists today. Fast forward to AW19, and designer Richard Malone hosted a “bad taste” family birthday party during London Fashion Week, setting the scene with tables littered with baby bells, party rings, homemade victoria sponge and sugary soda.

For those into the fusion of culinary experiences and design – we are all over Wagamamas first ever fashion collaboration with streetwear innovator Michiko Koshino. The uniform comprises of a t-shirt and an apron, and is inspired by Michiko’s cult following and the commercialism of Wagamama. The silhouettes and use of colour, black and khaki, resonate with British & Asian cultures while having modern streetwear characteristics which will appeal to the Wagamama audience.

Designer Michiko Koshino, says: “I am so happy about this collaboration with Wagamama, it was an honour to design the uniforms for
such an iconic restaurant in London. I am a firm believer in the synergy between food and fashion and this collaboration’s success is proof of that, the perfect fusion of our Japanese cultures.”

“We were overwhelmed that Michiko Koshino wanted to create the new uniform for our noodle lab
restaurant,” Ollie Payne, Head of Brand at Wagamama, adds. “We really wanted to create something that was a nod towards our Japanese heritage yet forward thinking and innovative. We couldn’t think of anyone better than Michiko to achieve that.”

Take a first look at the collaboration below…

21 February 2019