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Five HUNGER Heroes of the Decade

After a long hard look through the vault, we've found five icons from the HUNGER archive who have made an impact on us this decade...


Back in 2017, we met the Grime artist on the cusp of world domination as the cover star of our Stand for Something. Talking about how he beat the odds and paved the way for young black kings: “Look, you better get ready because there’s bare of us, hundreds of us, coming and we look like this and we dress like this and we talk like this and we’re here.”

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chadwick boseman

Back in our Mad World issue in 2017, we met a real-life superhero – Chadwick Boseman, best known as the one and only Black Panther. Having taken on some of the most influential characters in American history – James Brown, Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall, to name a few – he then entered the Marvel Universe. Talking about the healing power of cinema and why his character is so important to the black community, the actor explained: “Part of the impact of the film is in the details that have never been focused on or appreciated or loved, it’s beyond physical, superhero abilities, it’s those little things – the clothing that will be seen in this and the African cultures that this movie will direct people to, those things are finally being highlighted. It will be those things that will change our culture in a positive way.”

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In one of our earliest issues of HUNGER, we met an alt-pop star soon to be a global icon: Grimes. Telling us how she created her character-led interactive music, Claire Boucher mused: “I created a brand, a company, which is Grimes. But it’s also my life.” From why Taylor Swift inspires her to where the Azelia Banks friendship started, this feature is a throwback to the first few years of Grimes becoming the superstar we know and love her today.

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little simz

Earlier this year the London star opens up about just how great an impact music can have. Little Simz may be just 25, but she’s causing waves with her vital music. We headed to the HUNGER studio to meet and shot the vibrant musician, and talked about everything from London to Lauryn Hill…

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cole sprouse

From child star to cult icon, HUNGER unpicks identity and nostalgia with the ‘Riverdale’ actor in issue 13, and Cole Sprouse has definitely grown the f*ck up. A hero of a generation now grown up too, Cole discusses the trials and tribulations of the Millenials: “We’re called an entitled, lazy group of people, which is exhausting to hear because we’re bombarded by narratives in media that the end is nigh thanks to the older generation!”

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27 December 2019